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  • Mariel, Yoga in Tamarindo
  • Mariel, Yoga in Tamarindo
  • Mariel, Yoga in Tamarindo
  • Mariel, Yoga in Tamarindo
  • Mariel, Yoga in Tamarindo
About Mariel

Mariel taught Mathematics at the High School and College level for 18 years in Argentina, until 1998, when she discovered the wonders of Yoga. In the beginning, her practice was focused on Hatha Yoga, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow Yoga with the daily intention of accomplishing spiritual self knowledge and inner growth, and stretching and strengthening of the physical body.

Soon after, she perceived that Yoga had changed her life much more than what she had expected.
In 2001, Mariel moved to Costa Rica, a country full of tranquility and inspiration, searching to discover new horizons. Trusting her internal voice; she completely focused on her dharma, her mission in life: present harmony and joy, assisting others in their search of inner existence, share the experience of the practice of Yoga and meditation, awakening our individual commitment of creating peace within flowing towards freedom of the inner self.

Hence, she completed her training in Hatha Yoga with her beloved teacher and guru, director of the Ananda Yoga Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina ( Her guru has travelled to India numerous times as a direct student of Krishnamacharya, Iyengar and Pathabi Jois (Krishnamacharya lineage).

Mariel continued her personal education through a series of trainings lead by internationally recognized teachers, such as: Lilian Luna, BJ Galvan, Mariela Cruz, Kenneth Graham, Matias Flury, Sienna Sherman, Noah Maze, and many more. These mentors, from different parts of the world, have introduced her to other styles of Yoga: Anusara, Ashtanga, Sivananda y Kundalini Yoga.

In 2009, Mariel completed eight months of intensive study on Therapeutic Yoga and Raja Yoga at Ananda Yoga Center in Buenos Aires. Her studies focused on biomechanics have granted her with an extensive knowledge base regarding “movement anatomy”.

She completed her most recent training in 2011, obtaining the title of Active Global Stretching Instructor, certified by the creator of the method, Phillip Souchard of Saint Mont University in France.

Mariel, Yoga in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Mariel is owner, founder and director of the renowned SER Om Shanti Yoga studio in Playa Tamarindo, located on the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, and has been dedicated to teaching Yoga since 2002.
For over 20 years, through her career as a match teacher and investigator, she has obtained a deep experience in methodology, which she has incorporated into her processes of learning-teaching. She also includes this same philosophy into her Pilates and Yoga classes, making them unique from a pedagogical perspective. Her intense training has gifted her with a sharp and assertive vision enabling her to identify the specific necessities of each one of her students.

“One of my principles is to have present that we will always be beginners. The more I learn, the more aware I am about how much more there is to learn. My students are a true motivation for me, and at the same time, great teachers”.

Her unique classes are base on an evolved and balanced sequence of postures, coordinated by the harmonic and fluid rhythm of the breath. They combine the technical development and individual adjustments correcting, in a personalized manner, the precise alignment of each posture adapting its level of intensity.
Mariel’s devoted teaching is characterized by guiding each student in a personalized manner each; assuring that each one cultivates their maximum potential, and inspiring them to recuperate their capacity to reconnect with themselves.

Mariel, Yoga in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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