Meditation gong

What is a gong meditation?

Simply put, it’s a form of sound therapy in which a gong is played to aid healing. The gong is played softly for the purposes of relaxation, so it’s really not as noisy as it sounds!

What is the purpose of a gong?

The Chinese used gongs for many ceremonial functions. They were struck to announce when the Emperor or other important political and religious figures arrived. Military leaders also used gongs to gather men together for battle.

How long does a gong bath last?

The term ‘ bath ‘ signifies being bathed in sound waves – there’s no water or touching involved. Fully clothed, you lay comfortably on a yoga mat, for 90 minutes, to be – in Gong Practitioner Patricia’s words “cocooned in a sonic immersion”.

How does Gong healing work?

We use gong sound healing as a part of relaxation in a Kundalini Yoga class to create deep release and seal the practice. The gong works on the meridians of the body. The meridians of the body are the superhighways of energy and flow. This allows body blocks to soften, stimulates circulation and reduces tension.

Are gong baths good for you?

Gong baths are highly rejuvenating for the body and bring about an overall sense of relaxation, which can reduce stress as well as help develop a better ability to cope with stress, help move emotional blockages from trauma, and even stimulate altered states of consciousness.

What frequency is a gong?

In an open space, the gong has nine distinct resonances between 300 and 3500 Hz .

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Who owns Gong io?

Amit Bendov

Why is a gong called a gong?

Well, you got it right! The gong is named after the sound it makes. A ‘ Gong ‘ is a percussion instrument consisting of a metal disc that is struck with a softheaded drumstick or ‘mallet’. Gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world.

How do you feel after a gong bath?

Gong baths can feel like intense therapy and things can and do come up. You may experience a range of emotions and reactions such as laughing, crying, feeling scared or angry, and anything in between.

What do you wear to sound healing?

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing and – as you will be lying still for an hour in a sleep-like trance – something warm. Stylish yoga casuals, cashmere pashminas or sweat pants and baggy T: it’s up to you.

What do you wear to a gong bath?

Dress in warm clothes – sweatpants, heavy socks, sweatshirt. Bring your yoga mat if you have your own, and borrow one of Ahimsa’s for free, if not. We will provide 2 yoga blankets and one bolster per student. You can bring a thermos of tea to warm up before the sound bath if you ‘ d like.

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