Kung fu yoga rating

Is Kung Fu Yoga hit or flop?

Jackie Chan and Sonu Sood’s Indo-Chinese martial arts movie Kung Fu Yoga failed to make an impression in India, but it’s making a killing in China. Box Office Mojo reports that the film, which also stars Disha Patani, has so far earned $180 million worldwide. That’s Rs 1200 crore .

Is Kung Fu Yoga in English?

Хинди Английский Путунхуа

What is Kung Fu yoga about?

Профессора археологии Джека Си ждет по-настоящему увлекательное приключение. Нужно разгадать массу загадок и найти несметные сокровища древнего королевства. За самым большим кладом в истории охотится еще и могущественный преступный синдикат.

Is Kung Fu Yoga on Netflix?

Kung Fu Yoga | Netflix .

When did kung fu yoga come out?

January 26, 2017

Who is the director of Kung Fu Yoga?

Stanley Tong

Is Jackie Chan Still Alive 2020?

Rest assured, our beloved Jackie Chan is alive , well and still kicking butt.

How old is Jackie Chan?

66 years (April 7, 1954)

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